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Truck and Tempo booking service

Frequently Asked Queries

We have tried to cover all your queries through our FAQ session. If you still have more queries, then feel free to reach us. Submit your queries here.

E-pickup app is a ridesharing company that makes tempos and trucks available for logistics.

Every person who wants to move his/her item from one location to another can use this app. You can be an individual with just one item to be moved or an enterprise with loads of items. A fleet owner of trucks and tempos can also use this app.

Our truck and tempo are designed for your need. If the goods are fragile, we customize the interiors of the truck accordingly.

Yes, you can. Our app has a special tracker program with the feature of real-time location sharing.

We have all kinds of vehicles that cater to your need. (Vehicle name and type needed)

Visit our website or download our app.

E-pickup is a service-based app that helps you connect to truck and tempo drivers in a fast and simplified way.

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